Our Mission

1)  Reaching Rural Maine – Maine has 399 towns consisting of less than 6,000 residents, 416 unorganized townships (with a total of 9,000 residents), 5 reservations (7,000 residents) and one county alone, “Aroostook”, that covers an area greater than the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
2)  Evangelism – Typically an Evangelist will conduct a meeting lasting for several days to a week and then they are on to their next scheduled meeting. My desire is to be able to stay at a particular church for an extended period of time reaching out into the surrounding areas doing door-to-door soulwinning and tract distribution.
3)  Church plants – Where does Maine need the most churches? answer: “Everywhere” I am open to wherever the Lord leads and at present I am looking at Central & Northern Maine for possible plants.
4)  Church strengthening – Many Pastors serving in this State work at a secular job as well in order to meet the needs of their homes financially. I have done the same for many years and I know the unique hardships this can bring.  Evangelism as already described is one way to help, pulpit supply is another, another way is to let supporting churches know of capital improvement projects that they may wish to help towards with manpower, materials, or monies. I believe these can be a tremendous blessing and encouragement to men already serving in small rural areas doing a job for Christ.

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